Very well written and a great book to read after losing a love one

Deborah Kirkpatrick

Wonderful story

Sharon Hurrell

Easy to read and gave just enough information.

Larry Okada

Very interesting book! Really gave me a lot to think about. I feel much better about where my family and friends are who have deceased. Glad to know that they are always with me in spirit or energy. Always wondered about reincarnation and if this book is providing the truth, I am excited about being able to do a “do-over”, maybe next time I can get it right, lol. Thanks for the great read!


This is a must read book for everyone. Beautifully written and amazingly uplifting. I highly recommend this book; it’s the “real deal” and we are blessed to have a peek into some if the “whys” and “how’s” of life!


To have my beliefs reinforced by books and works such as this, is inspiring and helps me to remember there is more after we leave our bodies. I loved this book.


This book addresses where we have evolved as a species. We are encouraged to be our very best potential.

Kim Kelleher

Awesome read!!

Stace Gatfield-Tupou

Don’t we all want to know our purpose in life? If so, My View From Heaven is a must read. After several recommendations, my book club has assigned it as our next read. Awesome job JT and Sarina!

Mary Lu Lovett

I love the fact that it is from JT. To help us see how it is on the other side is wonderful. I am scared of death yet after this I am learning not to worry so much about the end here because there is another place to go.

C. Harrigan

Wonderful!!! Captivating!!! So well written


Love it! Thanks for sharing this….

P. Saunders

This is a great read, easy to follow. Great information


It’s provided me with a new perspective; a more thoughtful, less cluttered way of living. We concern ourselves with such unnecessary things in life, when really we’re here to learn and be our best selves. I’m sure you’ve read it before, but the language and clarity in JT’s book made it all more tangible.


A very well put together book, Losing my 18 year old son to a car accident, I believe he went on to heaven… This book shares what my son might’ve seen on his journey to Heaven… Fantastic book… I don’t wanna give anything away, but it’s well worth the read,,,

Christina Whale

Love this book and the content in it. So powerful. Sharing about this book with others!!

Lynn Leech, PT

No one wants to experience the passing of their loved ones, but the author is able to move beyond her grief through contact with her son. The picture he has to share appeals to us all.


I found this amazing book uplifting, heartwarming, and truly inspirational. It is well written, spiritually challenging but easy to understand, and wholly believable. J.T. and his mom, Sarina, share their journey both in this life and the life after J.T. moved on through death. J.T. is truly an evolved soul with much wisdom to share. I hope that anyone who has lost a child would read this and find some consolation and reassurance in these words. It is a beautiful journey worth reading whether you’ve lost a loved one or not

Christine Gray

I love this book. It changed my life by lightening the burden I hold as a bereaved mother, healer, seeker. My View from Heaven juxtaposes the supernatural with doses of reality. It may sound woo-woo, but please be open-minded and this book will bring you gifts. It is wisdom from a spirit, J.T., who lived on Earth this time for only 7 years. I was invited to edit this book by his mom, Sarina, who channeled the missive. I felt honored, and the student in me was curious to know what a departed soul says about the purpose of life. Since I had lost a child like Sarina, I was keenly interested in what happens in the spiritual realm when people die.

This book gave more than I expected. The first time I read the manuscript a path unfolded in my head, like a new map, and J.T.’s energy came through in real time. I was in awe communing with him. His tone was friendly, enthusiastic, and definitely explanatory. I said to myself, this is how things work in heaven and on earth. Thoughts and actions have consequences. Karma is to be balanced, it is not retribution or revenge. Souls are of love, light -on Earth they play roles to contribute to each other’s learning. The book implored observation, acceptance instead of judgment. That includes dealing with ourselves. Let go of how things should be.

Everyone has a set of chosen lessons before we are born. That was difficult to accept, as many of us wonder, why do we experience hardships, traumas, and why do some people cause so much pain? I dueled with the idea as I worked on the book. I didn’t like how some things are predetermined -even if my soul had chosen the lessons. But I looked at my life and it totally resonated with what J. T. said. I didn’t want to lose a child but the horrible event changed my life for the better. It took couple of decades to see that. I got to experience others’ love for me, and learned to love myself, realize my calling.

J.T. talks about humans having free will. We act and play in the game of life. We do make choices and they create more paths and webs of consequences. We are here to find our purpose and live it to the fullest. We are all made of stardust. Our fellow spirits are around us, watching, learning, ready to support. Here’s another place where an open-mind can help us help ourselves. The book encourages connection to guides and helpers, the Source energy. Why not? We need all the help we can get.

I can go on. I appreciate My View so much that I ordered it for several beloved clients. It has been months since I read it in its entirety. As the world progresses, my old ways of thinking and dealing (i.e. judgment and apprehension) are seeping back into my consciousness. It’s time to reread this book. It’s a gem and will bring insight each time. And insight always brings empowerment.

Sue Wang

Amazing insight into Heaven and what we need to do to fulfill our mission on Earth.

Kathy Stephen