Chapter 2: No Time, No Space

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I know my mom didn’t hear all of the messages I gave her in the beginning. She dismissed many of them, not really understanding what I was trying to do. She was open to it but it was hard for her to accept I could do these things. In her mind I was still seven and how could a seven-year-old go in someone’s house to give them a thought, get inside someone’s dream to take them on a journey, move things around in my room like I used to, or do any of the things I had been doing for them? How could that be? I was just a little boy.

Truth is, I’m not. I am a soul. We all are souls and not limited to age.

One of the first important lessons I want you to learn is about time and space. It does not exist where I am. When you leave your body, it does not matter how old you are. You will go back to the beautiful soul energy you were before you came into your body, and with that, you will release all ailments, sickness, and physical problems you had, regardless of your age on Earth. It all goes away when you leave your body. If your loved one had a hard time at the end or was really sick, they aren’t anymore. There are some who still hold on to these feelings because they don’t know they can release them, but eventually they figure it out. There are many helpers for these newly “reborn” souls, those who leave their bodies and come home to Heaven. If you are worried about your loved one, you can ask for the angels’ help. They assist the souls who may have had a particularly harsh time on Earth. The angels help them to remove what we call the “human suit.” It’s almost like you’re wearing a costume and you have to take it off in order to get to the higher places where the energy flows with no time and no space.

I knew as soon as I left my body I was free from my human suit, so I did not hold onto my body at all. I was able to move very quickly through the different levels of energy to where I needed to go. I will explain more about that in a later chapter. Right now, I want to introduce the concept that I am not a seven-year-old anymore; although, I can come as a seven-year-old to my mom when she needs it.

I am no longer limited to the knowledge I had when I was seven. I can access any knowledge I want from any place at any time. This was especially exciting when I was learning about how the Universe works and how to move from place to place. I would think about where I wanted to go and BAM, I was there. I was thinking about being in my mom’s room and I would be there. I was thinking about being on the pyramids and I would be there. This was one of the most exciting discoveries I had right after leaving my body.

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