What an amazing book this is. A true reminder that we are all connected and have a greater purpose than most of us realize. This book made me laugh, cry, open my eyes, cry again. Having known J.T. made it that much more special. Is it scary that so many of us are not reaching our potential, but the … Read more

Christine Wilhelm

Wonderful read. Thanks for sharing Sarina.

Dana Kern

Incredible. Has taken me to a higher understanding. Thank you JT! I loved it and have invited many to like the page and Read This amazing book.

Stephanie Carter

I have started reading it and all I can say so far is wow. Everyone needs to read it and receive the information that’s being given, it would be so beneficial for so many

Michelle Hoover

Its blowing my mind. I wish I had this book when my Son died. Thank you J.T & Sarina Baptista for all of your books. God Bless you both.

Barbara McCollum Knowles

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this book. The story is told through Sarina’s hands, but is narrated by J.T., her 7-year old son whose channeled words of wisdom from Heaven take the most complicated of subjects–life after “death” and the purpose of life here on earth–and spells them out i… Read more

Danielle Soucy Mills

Wonderful book. I’d give it ten stars if I could. The information presented is really thought provoking. I’ve read dozens of spiritual related books over the years and this is one of the best. You don’t have to agree with everything the author presents to find value from the story. I urge you to rea… Read more


So revealing, so natural and true to spirit crossing.  I think this book can heal parent’s grief when they realize that their loved one isn’t gone into thin air–they are always there!  I thank you for sharing this personal experience and giving me the opportunity to read the book

Josey Bierma

I could not put this book down. I read it in 2 days. I already ordered another copy for a friend. Thank you JT and Sarina for helping us understand why we are here

Mary Lu Lovett

just a heartfelt thank you to you and your son. I have just read My View from Heaven and it has answered so many of my questions. I feel as though the jigsaw puzzle of life has more clarity and meaning. Would have loved to have had the information years ago but I probably wasn’t ready for it back th… Read more


The energy that flows from this book is unbelievable! I want to read slow and deliberate but I also can’t wait to finish it! Amazing!

Jo Underwood

I wanted to let you know I just read your book. I absolutely loved it and learned so much helpful information. Thank you so much for following your path and getting this info “out there.”

Chris Gray

I read “My View from Heaven” in one setting! What a great book! So inspiring and something everyone should read.

Jaye L.

I started reading your new book tonight. I absolutely love it!

Stacey J.

This is my second book I have read from Sarina. I have lost my baby at birth 11 years ago but the grief has never left me. Then Sarina’s book appeared on my iPad and my healing has started. Since then I have joined her meeting groups and had a chance to practice connecting with the other side.
This … Read more

Andi B.

No matter who you are, this book is applicable. It explains so much about who we are and why we are here. For anyone who has ever asked, “what is the point of all of this?” – this book is a must-read. J.T. so eloquently describes the other side and also what is inside us all. Some of the things disc… Read more

Amazon Customer

This book has changed my life. I definitely live more to my potential without fear. I constantly feel guided, nurtured, and secure of the present and my future. I no longer doubt my intuition and stopped referring to myself as crazy, not even in jest. Want to start living again? Read This Book!

Amazon Customer

The book is a fantastic gift to anyone who has lost someone.  It gives the hope of meeting again.

Josey Bierma

Wonderful! The book was written by Sarina who has channeled both my parents and my wife who is now on the other side, so I trust her completely. When she channeled my parents she had not met me and did not know me and she picked me out of a crowd of about 50 people and what she told me fit my parent… Read more

Bert Schulle

This is a book easy to read but filled with deep insights on why we are here on earth and where we go when we leave. A must read if you are on a spiritual journey. It’s useful to read more than once.