An Amazing Journey with J.T.

This is my second book I have read from Sarina. I have lost my baby at birth 11 years ago but the grief has never left me. Then Sarina’s book appeared on my iPad and my healing has started. Since then I have joined her meeting groups and had a chance to practice connecting with the other side.
This book is a wonderful addition to the first one. J.T. Is an amazing story teller. He explains things that are quite hard to understand with our human mind in a very simple way. I told my 9 year old son about this book and he is eager to hear it. I told him I would read it to him when he is a bit older, but now that I have finished it , I will not wait. He will understand, I think much easier then me, as he is still so open and still so connected.
I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in knowing about The Other Side and why we are here on this beautiful Earth.
Thank you J.T. and thank you Sarina for this wonderful journey you both took me. Love you both

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